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Third party administrators are the outsourced assistance used in insurance and benefits fields to tackle many of the administrative tasks that soak up time and resources of a thriving business. These independent organizations are popularly utilized as part of risk management programs to cut costs, eliminate overhead and grow business in the most effective and efficient means. Third party administrators see success by acting as a maintenance extension of each business, providing claims processing, managing networks and handling membership functions, freeing up their clientele to work on other pressing matters.

In high-demand these days thanks to the economy and more, the field of third party administration is as burgeoning as ever. Those interested in becoming a third party administrator, individually or as a personal business venture, find that experience dealing with the insurance and benefits sector can lend an advantageous hand. Many successful third party administrator (TPA) businesses are established by leaders who have experienced the claims process first hand, and are knowledgeable and familiar with the extensive rules and regulations of the business. How to become a third party administrator can be a lengthy application process, but with the right preparation, the start of your TPA business can be expedited.

How to become a third party administrator begins with where you’ll be located and what regions you’ll be serving, as laws and regulations differ from state to state. You’ll need to designate these early on to apply for business licenses and certifications as a TPA. Applicants must qualify for each of the criteria required by individual state to be authorized to conduct business. Before you can begin business, an initial application must be filed, along with a processing fee to begin the TPA checklist. As your own business, you must provide proof of a fidelity bond or insurance coverage for your employees, as well as proof of professional liability. In addition, no member of the potential business can have a revoked or suspended license, or denied application by the state’s insurance regulator. 

You’ll notice that how to become a third party administrator is much like starting any type of new business, filled with plenty of necessary applications and certifications before the client work, customer acquisition and retention can even begin. Following the distinct processes and regulations specific to your state of operation will be essential to the right start of your business. Once you’ve got all of your approved licenses and to conduct business, and have hired on a team of experience adjustors and auditors, your business will surely excel in the growing marketplace.
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